Car rental Antananarivo Madagascar

Looking for car hire? If you want an independent holiday and all the freedom to organise your own tours on the ‘Big Island’ of Madagascar. Car rental with a driver in Madagascar: for cheap car rental, luxury car rental and allround car hire service: Theo Tours Car rental Madagascar! Easy and convenient with a good selection of rental cars available. Organise your own Madagascar tour with Theo Tours Rental Cars Madagascar.

Car rental is available for a minimum of 5 days and we have all types of rental cars at your disposal.

Car hire information

Included: The rental cars include a driver, driver accommodation and food; Car insurance.
Not included: fuel, road taxes, car parking fees.

Our experienced drivers speak both English and French.

Types of rental cars:

4WD: 5 seats; 64,- euro per day (minimum 5 days)
Hyunday Terracan

Minibus: 9-12 seats; 60 euro per day (minimum 5 days)
Hyunday Starex
Toyota Hiace
Ford transit

Standard Car: 5 seats; 35,- euro per day (minimum 5 days)
Peugeot 406
Peugeot 407

Car rental including a driver

Driving in Madagascar can be quite an adventure and is – overall – not a good idea to do by yourself. Especially because an experienced driver is really not that expensive.

While in Madagascar, you will encounter road conditions that probably differ pretty significantly from those in your home country. Roads in Madagascar are mainly unpaved dirt roads and in many occasions insufficiently maintained, have poor road signage and are usually not lightened at night. You will share accessible roads with, among others, pedestrians, animals, bicycles, animal carts, etc. Careful attention and careful driving is a necessity. In addition, you will not find many petrol stations, let alone a roadside restaurant.

Use a local driver: The driver is responsible for maintaining the vehicle, knows the route, behaviors on and around the road and can act as your tour / translator guide. So… sit back, relax, watch the beautiful scenery and enjoy an adventurous, quite unique and save holiday in Madagascar!

If you have any questions about car rental in Madagascar, do not hesitate to send me a message!